who I am


Hi, my name is Becca & here's a little snapshot about me: 
I am a triplet; my brothers made me tough. I am an avid Disney-goer; if I could spend everyday there, I would. I am a people person and I promise you that I will love you and your dog so, so much. I am a HUGE dreamer; my perfect day consists of good company and talking about making dreams a reality. 


what I'm all about


I am a firm believer in the power of mindset. Mindset is a choice. It means that I choose to focus my eyes on what I’m passionate about. It means that I choose to silence fears with action. It means that I choose to stand on character and values regardless of what others say; I choose to do it anyway. Through photography, I have the unique opportunity to help others choose to express their own passion – through relationships, through accomplishments, through people they love in a way that allows them to see my heart and passion with the hopes of stirring a thought that leads to action. To be fully committed to living a significant life – one that does not conform to the normalcy or mediocrity of this world, but challenges the boundaries of society. I live to create. To create boldly. To create intentionally. To create humbly. I live to bring meaning to the talent God has blessed me with.

I think we’ll be great friends - let’s dream something up together!