Intimate Backyard Wedding - Fullerton, CA

This wedding was so, so intentional. From the start to end, Danielle & Mitchell exemplified what it truly means to place love at the center of their day. Here’s what they love the most: family, their story + foundation, having a great time, beer, and pizza. And guess what? On their wedding day, they were surrounded by the people they love the most, cheering them on as they committed to each other. They had a beautiful ceremony that was officiated by Danielle’s younger brother (SO COOL!). Their moms watered the foundation of a unity plant to signify the foundation of their upbringing coming into marriage. They danced (literally) all night with their incredibly fun and crazy happy group of friends. AND they served pizza and beer for dinner. If that’s not a dream wedding, I don’t know what is.

Not only were they intentional, but they did what THEY felt was right & that’s why I loved it so much. It wasn’t what their friends or family wanted - it was everything THEY wanted, and that made all the difference. Danielle wore blue high-top converse…and lemme just say, cutest wedding shoes EVER and SO unique. Danielle cheered on Mitchell as he chugged a beer during their individual bridals, and let’s just say, that’s the kind of support we’re all looking for!

I absolutely LOVE intentionality, going against what “should” be done at a wedding, & choosing to do whatever the heck YOU WANT because it’s your day. All that matters is you & your person. That’s it. And Danielle & Mitchell truly understood that.