Palace of the Fine Arts Couples Session, James & Brenley

James & Brenley

Brenley & James + this magical place. It was an absolute dream. This session with Brenley and James was something else. First off, The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco has an aura of Greece. With its incredible architecture, it was so easy to get lost in the beauty of this place.

But even more so than that, these two had passion, curiosity, and awe. Their love for life and for each other was so evident the entire afternoon. Immediately after introducing ourselves, we had an instant connection – it was like hanging out with old friends. That’s what makes engagement & couples sessions so unique and special.

That’s the kind of session I want my photography to attract and embody. That feeling of reconnecting with old friends just catching up. That feeling of running around a new place with awe and wonder. That feeling of wanting to know more and more about each other. & ultimately, that feeling of never wanting a day to end. That’s what I hope to convey as a photographer. To tell your story in its most raw and vulnerable form.

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