San Francisco Couples Session, Geremy & Brittney

Geremy & Brittney

Oh my goodness, you guys. Brittney & Geremy ran around Baker Beach in San Francisco with me, and wow, just wow. The entire weekend I was in SF, the forecast called for rain, rain, & more rain. The day of our shoot, I got to the beach, and it cleared up, the sun was shining, & we were all dancing. I absolutely love Brittney and Geremy because they are the perfect example of the couples I truly love to work with. Easy-going, care-free, dance like no one’s watching type people - I was ALL for it!

These are the kinds of spaces I want to cultivate for my couples. The kind that makes you want to run around without a care in the world, jump from excitement, shout from the rooftops with the one you love. The adventurous + fun-loving.

Becca Romeroleft side